Spring 2024 Product Updates

Please note the following information about the discontinuation of certain products and changes to garment prices and introduction of some exciting new colours.


The bad news: Discontinued Products 

Unfortunately, from time to time, our suppliers decide to discontinue products from their range. This can just be a colour, a certain size or the complete product with all of its variant SKU's.

When this happens we will always try to inform you ahead of time. When we remove a product from availability it will mean that any orders your website tries to send to us will fail, it's therefore important that you keep your website up-to-date.

When products are discontinued our platform checks your account to see if it has a product linked to one of your stores. If it finds a linked product it will unlink it and send you an email to notify you, you may receive multiple notifications if you use the same product for several designs or on different stores. Here is how you check your linked products.

In the list you can download below you will see several Stanley/Stella products which will be removed from sale shortly. The latest these will be removed is 1 May 2024, though as stock becomes unavailable products will be removed, we would recommend switching to an alternative product for these items as soon as possible.

View the list of discontinued products

The not as bad as it sounds news: Price changes

Prices from the various brands that we offer change from time to time. Therefore, we are informing you of an upcoming price change on some of our print-on-demand range of products.

The good news is that of the items with price changes, 65% of them are price reductions! With some reduced as much as £3.24.

The new prices will be effective on 1 May 2024.

We recommend that you check the prices of the products you are currently retailing on your website. Of course, you can choose to charge your customers whatever you like, but orders received by us from 1 May will incur the updated prices. 

At this time the increase only affects the cost of the garment, we are keeping the print  and embroidery customisation charges at the same competitive cost you have become familiar with.

View the list of price updates

The exciting news: New 2024 Colours

We're thrilled to announce an exhilarating expansion of our Stanley/Stella range for Spring 2024, now featuring a stunning palette of new colours designed to ignite creativity and bring your custom apparel ideas to vibrant life.


Elevate your brand this spring with GoCustom Clothing’s expanded colour range. Whether you’re inspired by the soothing tones of "Aqua Blue" or the energetic vibes of "Fiesta," our print on demand fulfilment service is here to transform your vision into beautifully crafted reality.

The new colours will start to appear over the next 3 weeks, with all new colours available for purchase by 1 May 2024

View the list of colour updates

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