Get ready for a bumper Christmas season

If you want to produce, promote and sell festive gifts this coming season, it's time to get started now!


Christmas is a great time to grow your dropshipping business, with more than a third of businesses making more than 20 per cent of their annual revenue over the festive season. One in five businesses don't survive without a bumper Christmas, so get planning today.

Making sales at Christmas comes with an added benefit that purchases will often be given to someone else as a gift, which means your brand exposure will easily pick up new advocates and hopefully repeat orders. You can't afford to miss the potential of the boost that comes with holiday sales.

Some ideas to get you started:

Christmas jumpers that include your branding
Everyone loves a Christmas jumper, think about how you can incorporate your brand message into a seasonal design.

Family festive T-shirts
Christmas time is about families being together. Imagine a whole family opening gifts on Christmas morning whilst all wearing a T-Shirt that is carrying your brand.



Sell your own organic gift bags
Add your Christmas brand designs to our range of organic tote shopper bags. A great alternative to wrapping paper. You could even create an offer where you bundle a gift bag with every order.



When and how to market your festive range:

We recommend that you start promoting your Christmas range in early October. Savvy Christmas shoppers start ticking off their Christmas gift lists early, make sure you are on them!

You can even combine your Christmas promotions with Black Friday to really kick sales up a gear. A third of all festive sales are made between Black Friday and Christmas.

How do you stand out amongst the crowd?
In a saturated market, it's easy to get lost in the noise. Your marketing should cover all bases:

  • Social media posts
    • Think about a theme or campaign you can run
    • Look for hashtags that your target market may follow
    • You may be interested to work with influencers to promote your apparel
  • Paid digital ads
  • Email marketing
    • Target your existing users with an offer
  • SEO
    • Create content that highlights your festive products along with appropriate keywords.
    • Perhaps create a blog with the top 10 gift ideas that relate to your target market.


Last order dates for Christmas dropshipping orders 2022:

The last thing any of us want is to disappoint our customers, not having a gift to open on the big day is a big no-no. To take into account our production times, and the all-important shipping times, you will find below our last order dates:

  • Domestic (UK Mainland) orders: 12 December 2022
  • International orders: 5 December 2022

Orders received after these dates will still be processed but any delivery before the Christmas holiday will be dependent on the delivery network's capacity to deliver.

Also, note that our factory will be closed between 24 December and 3 January. Orders placed between these dates will not be processed until the factory reopens.

Last but not least, can we be the first to wish you a Merry Chrismas ;)

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